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What do we offer

Teaching programs both for children and adults in Prague and the vicinity

Lessons for kids

Educational programs for kids have been compiled with regard to age and knowledge of students. Lessons are held so as to take the innate abilities of children into account in order to learn a foreign language and naturally develop their communication skills.

Individual lessons

We provide individual lessons for adults, children and young learners, we also provide lessons for individuals and groups, we offer the initial lesson for free as a demonstration, we help choose appropriate learning materials and we also have reasonable prices and interesting volume discounts.

Business lessons

We provide general and business language programs specifically tuned to the needs of different businesses and professions, regular monitoring of academic progress and teaching directly in your company.

About us

Our School offers lesson for a broad variety of people. We teach children and adults and we provide lessons for schools, pre-schools and businesses.
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Our philosophy is derived from the idea that anyone can learn a foreign language. Regardless of age, education or profession. You only need to make the decision to start and we will help you to find the right way how to achieve your objectives. Due to the fact that everyone learns language differently, we don’t use a fixed primary method for everyone. We draw from various different methods so that the lessons are interesting, engaging, fun and making every student expand their capabilities. The success if guaranteed by our qualified and experienced teachers.

  • 1. modern and progressive methods
  • 2. high effectivity
  • 3. individual approach
  • 4. qualified and pleasant teachers


We work primarily with native speakers who are qualified in modern approaches to education and who can get students easily excited in order to learn the foreign language.
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I am a credentialed teacher from California and I have been teaching English and preparing students for English tests in the Czech Republic for 4 years. I enjoy art, travel, cooking and learning new languages.
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I am a TEFL certified teacher from Massachusetts and I have been teaching English for 1 year. I am new to the Czech Republic. I have also worked with Children for 4 years as a volunteer and an employee of Girl Scouts of America. I enjoy writing, football and cooking.
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I am a TEFL certified teacher from Manchester in the UK and I have been teaching English for nearly three years. I enjoy reading and painting.
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I am a TEFL and YLT certified teacher from Arizona in the United States. I have been teaching English in the Czech Republic since June 2015 and have been working with Children since I was a teenager. I studied abroad in Brno and knew I had to return to the Czech Republic.

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